This church record is not easy to read.

His parents was not married.

His mother is listed as Cathrine Knudsdatter.

Born in Christiania (present name: Oslo), babtized at home (hjemmedøbt) followed with ceremony in Asker.

His father is listed as Hans Zachariassen, an able seeman (matros)

Labråten is mentioned, a place in Asker.

Other church records

Akershus county, Asker, Vestre Bærum, Østre Bærum in Asker, Parish register (copy) no. I 1 (1814-1830), Born and baptised 1819, Page 79

Akershus county, Vestre Bærum, Østre Bærum, Asker in Asker, Parish register (official) no. I 9 (1825-1878), Confirmation 1834, Page 68

He moved from Asker to Skien in 1837
Asker parish, Asker local parish, Vestre Bærum local parish, Østre Bærum local parish.

Possible, not confirmed the right person

 Østfold county, Sarpsborg in Sarpsborg, Parish register (official) no. 6 (1900-1909), Deceased and buried 1905, Page 320

1875 census for 0102P Sarpsborg

Østfold county, Tune, Varteig, Rolvsøy in Tune, Parish register (official) no. 12 (1856-1859), In- and out-migrated 1858, Page 264